Nov 3, 2010

Just Dance

Caution:  Don't ever leave your iPhone or iTouch abandoned in our house.  Cade is likely to find it and find the most energetic, loud, obnoxious song you have downloaded and blast it on repeat just so he can dance. 

On my iPhone play list that song happens to be Lady Gaga's, Just Dance.  

So to make this habit of his a tad less annoying I started having a "dance break" during activities.  For example, today we made banana bread for my dad and the recipe called for the eggs and sugar to beat for 10 minutes.... seriously, 10 minutes.... I don't have time for that... but I set the mixer to medium speed, asked him if he wanted to have a "dance break" and then started the music!

We hold hands, kick our legs, spin on the floor, wiggle around, shake it... we do it all!  

He loves it! 

Just Dance.