Jun 19, 2010

Weekend/Father's Day

What a great weekend! Stephanie and her family came into town for a quick visit. It was great seeing them and hanging out at the house.  Friday we took the kids to get their picture taken at Portrait Innovations in Champions.  The picture turned out so cute!  I will scan it in and post.

Travis took off today so we could spend time together.  We dropped Cade off at my mom's so he could play with Maxie and then we went to Gringo's for 'ritas and chips. Then we went back to my mom's to celebrate Father's Day. My dad cooked out- ribs, chicken, and sausage.  He enjoyed using his new grill gadget- a pig tail food flipper. It's the perfect tool for flipping meat on the grill. It hooks the meat and with a twist of the wrist it flips the meat over. It's pretty handy and for $10 a must have for all men.  Cabella's in Buda,TX is one of the few outdoor stores that carries them. Thanks to Stephanie's Travis for picking one up for my dad! He bought the last one.... so they are now officially sold out! I hope they get more in because I know someone else who had their heart set on one. 

After dinner we headed home with one tired little boy! I love carrying him to bed.  I'm off to bed. It won't be long before I hear his little feet run across the floor, come into our room, and say pick me up mama.... Hopefully tomorrow he'll sleep in and not be SO eager to get up before 7.