Jun 3, 2010


Today Cade asked me if he could go to a 'nastics class.   Being the cool mom I am, I told him I would look up a place and see what I could find.  Well there happens to be a place just up the road called Woodlands Gymnastics.  They offer free trial classes for toddlers... how perfect.   So we went at 5:30 for the "twinkle stars" class.  Cade had 15 minutes of warm-up/stretching, followed by 15 minutes of gymnastics.  

Cade did great!  I sat and watched him from the viewing deck.  He completed all the activities with a smile on his face and a pep in his step.  

For some reason I can't upload a video to my blog.

Check back later for it....

We will most likely enroll him in a class that meets once a week and pray that there will be some boys in the class too.

Cade is in need of some boy time! It seems as though all of his friends are girls.... which is fine but he needs some guy time.   All this wanting to dress up, sing Carrie Underwood, and listen to the P-I-N-K color song over and over again has me a bit worried.   :)

So friends with boys please have us over sometime.   Friends with girls please hide the dress up clothes.