May 8, 2009

MHR Fridays

MHR- My Husband Rocks

My husband rocks for the sacrifices he makes for our family. Lately Travis has picked up a bunch of overtime shifts in addition to his normal shift.... it'll pay off in the long run but I can tell that what he really wants is to be at home with Cade and I instead of catching up on sleep and then heading back to work. Poor guy! BUT we love you and appreciate what you are doing for us as a family! I promise Sunday will be family fun day!


In other news:

Travis celebrated his 32nd birthday. We had a bbq Sunday afternoon where all the guys and gals came over for dinner and cake. Travis had stuffed peppers and chicken going on the Old Smokey and I had BBQ chicken thighs in the oven. I will definitely be making/baking BBQ chicken again....yum!

Travis received an iPod Touch from his mom. I happen to LOVE it. I wish it was mine! haha. I did purchase a nice rubbery green sleeve for it- green b/c I like green. Travis is sharing it nicely...even Cade has an application on it just for him- it has letters, shapes, colors, all those fun pre-school games. He loves playing with it he even came into our room today and said, "iPod coming, iPod coming too." He wanted the iPod to come with us to the mall..... haha!

In addition to the green sleeve I also gave Travis a massage treatment. Nini from my chiropractor's office came to our house on Saturday and treated Travis to an hour long massage. Cade and I were conveniently out of the house while he was getting pampered! I also splurged on green tea shampoo and conditioner for him.... it's the little things that give the best thrills!

Then on Cinco de Mayo (his actual birthday) we went out to dinner with Amanda and Abbey. We met up at Rico's---for fajitas and ritas. Good times!

Only 7 more months until my birthday! argh. where does the time go?