Jan 5, 2009

I am back into couponing!

2/$7 Panteen (-3.50 extra care bucks (previously earned), - $3 off 2 coupon)= 2 bottles of Panteen for .54cents
Oh and I earned an additional $2 in extra care bucks

3.50 Electrasol- (-2.50 coupon, - 1.50 mail in rebate) = .50 overage
2.99 Garnier Shampoo (-$2 easy saver coupon, - $1 coupon) .01 overage

The cashier at CVS said- soooo basically we just paid you to shop here. I said, pretty much you did.

Get inspired~ check out this lady- http://jane4girls800dollarannualbudget.blogspot.com/ she feeds her family of 4 on $800 a year just by couponing..... pretty amazing.

And look at hotcouponworld.com for other couponing deals!