Nov 5, 2008

Tonight was the first pre-shift of the holiday market. I met up with Amanda and we directed traffic in the lot....vendors move in...vendors move out. We did that for an hour together then her shift ended and I was on deck, solo. I did have some company from some other girls- who were super nice!

The market looks like it's going to be a great success this year! My friends are going, and mom and all her friends and even Stephanie is making a special trip down! I hope it meets their expectations!

Tomorrow I have to work the mid-day shift. 11-3:30. I hope I don't pass out from starvation! Note to self: bring a snack. Then I have to come home and bake bread for Friday's shift... The only perk about baking the bread is that it's probably one of the easiest of all the possible recipes out of the JL cookbook to make.....or at least from the ones I picked from.

Friday isn't anything.....that evening, I'll probably head over to mom and Daddy's to visit with Maxie- My toothless niece. She lost her two front teeth and one bottom one this past weekend....and not by choice. A while back someone bumped into her on the playground and caused her tooth(loose tooth) to turn blue...she must have wiggled it for two months straight before the neighbor next to them was able to yank it out! The following day she had a run in with a tennis racket- she busted her lip and swallowed a tooth (we think) and another fell out (it was already loose). Poor girl!

anyway, that's all for now...........i'm in need of a shower and some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.