Jan 10, 2005

I'm sure the girls in BOSTON will appreciate this! I was reading Glamour magazine and found an ad for the site girl32.com. Check out the winter hat that you can wear even when your hair is pulled back into a ponytail. The hats are made of lambswool with Swarovski crystal buttons in back that open and close depending on the height of your pony tail! For only $78 you can wear a winter hat and have your hair pulled back into a ponytail....it just can't get any better than that!

Let the countdown begin! I will be moving in one week! I've already started cleaning out my closet and a few of my keepsake boxes that needed to be cleaned out. Who needs torn up envelopes anyway? I figure if I haven't looked at in a year, I'm probably never going to look at it again. I can't decide if I want to pack things up right now or if I just want to take my time moving things over? It would make more sense just to get it done all at once... so maybe I'll start that fun project later today.

About my weekend...

On Friday night I drove up to Buffalo to spend the weekend with Travis. He had prepared a lovely steak dinner- complete with potatoes and wine. And he made delicious cookies! My baby is the best! After dinner we lit the chimenea and did a bit of star gazing! The stars go on for miles up there. It's amazing! On Saturday we woke up early and went on a nice morning walk. Lucy came with us and ran the whole time. I don't know how she has so much energy!

Later that day we drove into Palestine to go to Wal-mart. While Travis strolled the down the tractor parts aisle, I headed to the crafts department. I decided I wanted to try my hand at crochetting. I haven't exactly got the technique down but at least I've got the first step down- making a chain! We also bought a 500 piece puzzle that looked like a painting. As an added bonus the puzzle came with a frame (the border), glue and wall hooks. BONUS!

Travis' dad and uncle came up on Sunday morning to work on the fence. So the 3 of them worked on that for most of the day. It'll probably take another weekend or two to finish up... but I don't think anyone will mind the trip back.

Here is another up and coming artist to check out! I personally recommend- No End In Sight