Aug 31, 2004

This afternoon I was trimming Lucy's nails- it's a difficult job but someone's got to do it. I was moving right along until I accidentally cut one too short and it started to gush blood. I took immediate action. I applied pressure and gave her tons of kisses, which seemed to do the trick. After her speedy recovery, Lucy jumped on top of my new quilt and got blood all over it! UGH!!

I really thought I'd have a blood stained quilt for life but I did a google search and found that such things as ice and/or peroxide take blood stains right out of fabrics. I was a little skeptic but low and behold it worked! I rubbed the ice over the stained areas and it came right out.

That was pretty much the excitment for this evening. Tomorrow is school picture day. Oh joy- let the fun begin!

Sssaaayyy chhhhheeeeesssseeee!!