Jun 2, 2004

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
by Tara Johnson

Monday kicked off my first real day of summer! It feels weird to be off but I imagine I'll get used to it. Here is a little about my weekend. Travis and I went up to my grandma's ranch out in Hye, Tx. A little place barely on the map. We met my parents, grandma and aunt up there for a little bit of spring cleaning. After that we all headed back to Fredericksburg and got cleaned up. Travis and I went to this trendy little place called, Lincoln Street Bistro. It's a fine wine and cigar bar with an European Atmosphere located on Lincoln St. We only stayed for a bit because we were looking for food, rather than drinks but we both decided that it's definitely a place worth going back to! Sunday we took a scenic drive through Willow, Tx. It was absolutely beautiful- hills, flowers...ROCKS! Travis wanted to check out an outcrop of Serpentinite that he knew was out there. He tried to get a sample of it but decided against it when we saw the NO TRESPASSING sign. So we drove around for awhile longer and then headed back to Houston and then on to Conroe.
Travis and I spent Monday and Tuesday running around town with Lucy in tow. Now I'm finally back at my place about to head out to Michael's to get paper for invitations! I spent some time online the other day looking up wording shower invitations and I found these cool sites!


I'm off to find the perfect paper to make the perfect invitations. ;)