Mar 10, 2004

The Personality Test

1) Who is the first person you think of.
2) You are walking along and meet an animal in the forest. What kind of
animal is it?
2.5) How do you react to the animal?
3) You continue in the forest and you come across a house. What type of
house is it.
4) Is there a fence around the house?
5) You go in to the house and there is a glass or cup on the table. What is
it made of?
6) There is some thing on the table next to it. What is it?
7) You walk out of the house and there is a body of water. How big is it?
8) You want to get across the body of water how do you get across it.

- 1-This is the most important person in your life.
- 2-This is the size of your problems with that person.
- 2.5-This is how you deal with problems with that person.
- 3-The size of the house shows your ambition to solve problems with the person.
- 4-If there is a fence you are closed and less trusting
- 5-This is the strength of your relationship with that person.
- 6-If food or flowers you are happy.
-7-The size of the romantic interest in that person.
-8-How wet you get shows how involved you want to be with the person.