Jul 14, 2009

In a nutshell

Last week the whole family went down to Port Aransas to get a taste of the sweet life. We drove in Tuesday and met up with my parents. We unloaded and headed to the beach. Cade took to it pretty quick. I was a tad bit worried that he wouldn't like it because he doesn't really like large bodies of water (for instance the baby pool...or at least the one at Amanda's house. It took forever for him to warm up to it) and then there is the whole water in the eyes and needing a towel for any droplet that comes close to coming in contact with his face.... But we had no issues with salt water...He wanted to go in and stay in the water! Stephanie and her family joined us late Wednesday night. Maxie and Cade were pretty much joined at the hip! He LOVES his Nini and Noni!

While we were visiting we drove out and toured the Southern Living Idea house, which will be featured in the August edition of Southern Living Magazine. (yay, I'm a subscriber). This house was amazing...it can sleep 15, has 2 master suites (I'll take the one on the second floor) and a connecting guest house. I think it sold for 1.8 million....and we're moving there tomorrow! Here is link with multiple videos so you can see it for yourself. Check out the kitchen and the sliding yellow barn door in the upper master suite..... niiiiiiice.

On Thursday night we were finally able to catch some wind and fly our kites Grandad bought for us kids..... Travis dug a fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and made smores....soooo gooey and good! Definitely something i'll remember when I'm 80. We never did things like that when I was a kid.... so fun! Definitely want to do things like that with Cade!

We headed home on Friday morning and made a stop at Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse.... great chopped beef sandwiches, dried jerky and homemade sweets!

Saturday we met up with Travis' brother and his family to celebrate Payton's 1st birthday. I hope to have a few pictures to post of the 3 cousins. Preston is now 4 and is full of energy and really cute-- and I'm pretty sure he LOVES his little sister.

Saturday was also Susan's baby shower! She's due in just a few weeks with twin boys! We are so happy for her and her husband. They are on their way to having everything ready to go!

In other news- Cade is really talking up a storm! He is so animated and expressive. He lights up when he has someones full attention. Everything is a "big, bad something another." He loves "grapes and ketchup" or at least saying that he does.... and he loves watching the first 5 minutes of Monsters INC over and over again. His 2nd year molars are coming in... which probably explains the temper tantrums and biting down on anything with a cushion. He is doing pretty well with his big boy bed. We're still running back and forth a few times before he settles in for the night but other than that- he sleeps through most nights and wakes up around 7 each day....sometimes we are lucky and he'll sleep a litte longer in our room.... but not always.

Well that's all for now...time to write in my "real" journal..... nighty night!


Kristyn said...

Sounds like a great family trip!! Thanks for sharing! :)